Board Certification

  • Pediatrics



University of Florida
Jacksonville, FL

Medical School

University of Miami School of Medicine
Doctor of Medicine
Miami, FL

Undergraduate School

University of North Florida
Bachelor of Science
Jacksonville, FL

Hospitals Affiliated With

Baptist Medical Center, Jacksonville

Academic Appointments

University of Florida
Chief Resident


I take my daughter to work everyday. Not literally of course, but my mom experience helps broaden my perspective about children, making me more realistic and empathetic, especially when it comes to their emotional development and behavior.

Not every illness is cured with a prescription. Children often come see me not feeling well because they are stressed out and physical symptoms present themselves. It is no wonder they are stressed. Today’s kids are the busiest, and most scheduled of any generation. They feel the stress of living up to the expectations of their parents, their teachers, their coaches, and, most importantly, themselves. Sometimes all this adds up to headaches, stomach aches, or just some indescribable feeling of the blahs.

Eliminating a child’s stress is important. Kids have such a great perspective on life. When we give patients the time to relax they can express their thoughts and worries, and the parents have time to share their concerns. When I observe both my patient and their parent start to relax, I know they will work together, finding ways to take the stress out of everyday and get back to enjoying life. For me, that’s a great day at the office.

I worked as a medical assistant at Jacksonville Pediatrics before medical school and found the doctors to be a great bunch of caring physicians and I knew then I wanted to be a part of this practice. I’m so glad I’m here.