Expecting Parent Appointments (Free!)

Are you expecting a baby and looking to find the best pediatrician in town? Our free Expecting Parent Appointments are time slots dedicated to a meet and greet between parents and our physicians. We block off time daily to give you the opportunity to ask questions and allow us to explain how we function as an office and learn what to expect if you join our Jax Peds family.

New Pediatrician Appointments

Are you new to the area or looking for a new pediatrician? Call 904-388-4646 and schedule a free new patient consultation with one of our doctors. We want to hear about your needs so we can do the best job taking care of your children. If you are new to Jacksonville area and far from home, we think after a couple of visits you’ll feel as if you have a doctor, and a new family member, just a phone call away.

During office hours you may have a question that our dedicated phone nurse can answer. If you need a doctor’s input, she’ll relay the message for your doctor to return your call. Our doctors return calls between patients and during breaks during the day.

Same Day Sick Appointments

We have kids, so we know that snuggles on the couch can only go so far in helping our little ones feel better. Call our office for a Same Day Sick Appointment and we will do everything we can to get your child in the same day that you call — that way everyone can go back to feeling better as soon as possible.

Well Child Visits

From birth to 21-years-old, our office offers Well Child Visits to check your child’s growth and development. Well Child Visits are generally more frequent when kids are younger due to a time of rapid growth and change. We’ll check things like height and weight as well as test hearing, vision, give vaccines, and more. A developmental screening will be done at all Well Child Visits.

View our recommended vaccine schedule ➔

Strep Test, Influenza, RSV Tests, Lead Testing, Lipid Profile

Tests for strep, influenza, RSV, lead, or lipid profiles can all be done in our office. No need to go to an outside lab. No waiting on results. We will get results for these tests within 15-20 minutes, saving you valuable time and getting you peace of mind.

ADD/ADHD, Depression, And Anxiety Consults And Management

All of our physicians have training in the diagnosis and management of ADHD/ADD. The ADD/ADHD paperwork can be downloaded at the link below. Please have parent/caretaker fill out one form and teachers will out the other forms. Once forms are completed please call our office and set up a consult.

Download ADD/ADHD forms here (PDF) ➔

Suture/Staple Removal, Wart Removal

Why pay another Emergency Room co-pay? We can perform suture/staple removals and wart removals at our office.

Pre-Op Physicals

If your child is scheduled to have a surgical procedure, dental procedure or any imaging studies completed where your child has to be placed under anesthesia, a physical must be done no more than 30 days before the procedure. Our office can provide pre-op physicals and evaluations for these procedures and studies.

Sports Physicals

Is your child playing a school sport? An annual sports physical is required for kids playing a sport. Schedule an appointment to have a sports physical completed prior to the academic year starting.

Going Away To College?

Our kiddos grow up and many of them head off to college. Our office can make sure that your child is going off into the world, healthy as possible, by administering all vaccines required by colleges, and having their going away well visit here as well.

Fluoride Varnish Treatments

If your child is under the age of 3 and has yet to see the dentist, be sure to ask about Fluoride Varnish Treatments that can be done here in our office, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Breastfeeding & Lactation Support

If you’re needing some guidance and a little extra support to help your little one with breastfeeding, we offer lactation support services by appointment.